Come Back to Me (Review)


Come Back to Me is a movie that struggles to pick up steam, but eventually pays off with some great thrills, uncomfortable horror and a memorable, unnerving performance by one of the lead actors.

The movie follows Sarah (Katie Walder) and Josh (Matt Passmore) a young married couple who seem to be living a happy life. All of this is thrown out the window with the arrival of their new neighbor, Dale, (Nathan Keyes) who seems to be a bit of an odd character. Dale is quiet, socially awkward and becomes obsessive over the smallest of details.

Shortly after Dale moves in, Sarah starts to experience horrifying night terrors. She starts to dream, vividly, of her own death and upon waking, finds herself in different clothes from what she was sleeping in and finds her original clothes bloodied in the laundry. At first, her husband doesn’t believe her and thinks she’s just stressed with life, but as these terrors repeat, night after night, he talks her into discussing them with her friend Leslie (Laura Gordon) who happens to be a doctor.

As she starts seeking help, she also finds her path crossing with their neighbor, Dale, more and more frequently. As things start to get worse (as they always do in these movies) we start to learn about the nature of these terrors as well as uncover the dark secrets of Dale’s past.

Come Back to Me starts off slow, taking the time to build character, but it almost lingers on character development for too long…hindering other aspects of the film. The one good thing that comes from the long build up, is the performance of Nathan Keyes. Dale is one of the most uncomfortable to watch film characters I’ve seen in a long time. He is constantly unnerving and making you question whether you should feel sympathy or horror towards his character…a fine line that a lot of director’s struggle with. Sadly, the other actors in the film just aren’t as memorable. That’s not to say Walder and Passmore deliver “bad” performances, they’re just overshadowed by Keyes.

As I mentioned above, the decision to focus on developing the characters is a double-edged sword. On one hand, I found myself actually invested in the characters and tale playing out on the screen, but I also greatly wanted to move past some of the slower parts and get back to the suspense, mystery and horror of the plot. Some scenes in the middle of the film seemed to drag on and play out longer than they needed to, making the journey to the end stretch out a little thin. However, thankfully I have nothing but praise for the last bit of the film.

Come Back to Me has an awesome final act that takes a super clever twist that’s actually one of the better ones I’ve seen in this genre in recent memory. This movie did something for me that hasn’t happened in a long time…it scared me. For that reason alone, I can almost recommend this movie.

However, it’s the good character development, excellent performance by Keyes and the well used elements of suspense and horror that make me truly recommend that you give this one a chance.


+ Excellent performance by Nathan Keyes

+ For once, a “horror/thriller” that actually scared me

+ The final act of the film is different, original and shocking

– With the exception of Keyes, the rest of the acting isn’t that memorable

– The set up takes a little bit longer than it should have

Final Score: 7.5/10

– Zack Burrows


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